Why use a pro to maintain your HVAC systems?

Your home’s heating and cooling systems are one of your largest investments. One of the best ways to protect your investment is by having your systems serviced by a professional. While there are many small upgrades and repairs you can complete yourself, having a professional regularly inspect your system saves you time, money and headaches!

Here are 4 reasons why you should hire a professional to service your equipment:

1. Increased equipment efficiency and life – Regular maintenance ensures your equipment will run at top efficiency and prolong its’ life. Increased efficiency means fewer repairs, lower energy costs and less stress on the equipment.

2. Fewer equipment repairs – Over time, neglected heating and air conditioning systems will present you with costly repair bills. By using a professional to routinely check for small problems, you can avoid small problems from become major, expensive problems.

3. Equipment expertise – A service professional that performs regular maintenance on your system will always be able to offer suggestions, and keep you up to date on the latest equipment upgrades and newest in energy efficiency. A service professional can recommend both small and large changes that will save you money, whether it is a more efficient programmable thermostat or high efficiency equipment.

4. Maintaining Your Equipment Warranty – When shopping for new equipment one key consideration is the factory warranty. Most times to retain factory warranty, preventative maintenance is expected by the manufacturer, and they won’t honor the warranty if the equipment has been neglected. So be sure to schedule your annual tune-ups with us!


For all of these reasons, it’s an excellent investment to have a professional annually service and maintain your heating and cooling equipment. Contact us today to learn about Home Comfort Plans.