Heating Oil Price Protection Programs

Apgar Oil Energy & HVAC wants to ensure that all of our home heating oil customers throughout the Lehigh Valley are able to have easy payments for every budget. For that reason, we offer our customers three different payment programs to help contour the way you pay so that it’s easiest for you.

You Pay Your Other Bills Monthly…


Why Not Pay Your Heating Costs Monthly?

Monthly Payment Options+

Cap Club Price Protection Plan – $3.799

This is the ultimate plan that offers the ultimate peace of mind. When the retail price of heating oil drops below the capped price, you get to enjoy the lower price per gallon. But, if the price goes above the agreed-upon price, your price never goes over what was agreed.

You will never pay over the capped price for the number of gallons purchased.

Additionally, you can enroll in a recurring billing option using your debit or credit card for automatic payment. By choosing this option, you will be enrolled in our automatic delivery program for increased peace of mind.

In this plan:

  • The cap price is $3.799 and the premium is a one-time payment of 50 cents per gallon protected.
  • The program runs from September 1, 2024 through April 30, 2025
  • Choose the number of gallons you would like protected during the year
  • If you go over the amount of gallons you enrolled in, you are then billed at prevailing rates



No-More-Worries Budget Plan

How it works is simple. We look at your previous year’s fuel consumption, future weather patterns, and preferences of your household to predict what your next year’s fuel usage may be. We take this number and divide it by 12 months. This new total is your monthly payment. It’s that easy.

But – it gets even better! Budget Plan customers also get FREE automatic delivery!

No more large, unpredictable bills in two or three months. Now, spread your payments out evenly throughout the year for a No-More-Worries heating oil season.

What are you waiting for?! Call us at 434-5195 to enroll today and ask about our recurring billing option that allows you to use your credit/debit card for monthly automatic payments.



When you enroll in our No-More-Worries Budget Plan, you qualify for Apgar Oil Energy & HVAC’s money-saving service plan, complete with annual tune-up and parts and labor coverage!


One Time Payment Options+

Pre-Pay Fixed Price Plan – $3.399

Always know what you will pay per gallon with a fixed-price plan. As winter brings traditionally higher heating oil rates, this plan is a great way to protect against sudden spikes.

Additionally, you only have to pay a one-time lump sum, and then never worry about your heating oil bill again. You also are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in our automatic delivery service for added peace of mind and comfort all winter long.



Delivery Methods+

Traditional Automatic Delivery

Tired of running down to the basement every couple of days or weeks to see what your fuel levels are? Wondering if you accurately estimated the amount of fuel in your heating oil tank? Enroll in our automatic delivery program and let us handle the details.

We estimate the amount of fuel that you will use according to weather, house size, number of people, and heating preferences, and predict when you will need your next delivery. When that day comes, we automatically send a delivery truck to your home.

Top Three Reasons to Enroll in Automatic Delivery

  1. This is a FREE service
  2. Pay within 10 days and receive an additional 5¢ off every gallon
  3. Reduce the risk of fuel run-outs

It’s hard to beat an option like this. Join today!


Will-Call is an optional heating oil delivery method. Simply put, you monitor your own fuel levels, and, when you believe you are in need of oil, you call us. This is our no-frills option: you get quality heating oil delivered to your door when you want it at your request.

For any questions concerning our pricing plans or delivery options, please contact us.