Heating & Fuel Oil Delivery in Allentown & Lehigh Valley, PA

Apgar Oil Energy & HVAC has been bringing quality home heating oil to our friends and neighbors throughout the Lehigh Valley, PA, area since 1947. We are proud to continue this tradition with our incredible staff of delivery drivers and technicians who provide unbeatable service each and every delivery. We provide timely, safe delivery to all of our customers in over 60 towns throughout Lehigh Valley.

Delivery Methods

Traditional Automatic Delivery

Tired of running down to the basement every couple days or weeks to see what your fuel levels are? Wondering if you accurately estimated the amount of fuel in your heating oil tank? Enroll in our automatic delivery program and let us handle the details.

We estimate the amount of fuel that you will use according to weather, house size, number of people, and heating preferences, and predict when you will need your next delivery. When that day comes, we automatically send a delivery truck to you home.

Top Three Reasons to Enroll in Automatic Delivery

  1. This is a FREE service
  2. Pay within 10 days and receive an additional 5¢ off every gallon
  3. Reduce the risk of fuel run-outs

It’s hard to beat an option like this. Join today!


Will-Call is an optional heating oil delivery method. Simply put, you monitor your own fuel levels, and, when you believe you are in need of oil, you call us. This is our no-frills option: you get quality heating oil delivered to your door when you want it at your request.

If you have any questions about heating oil delivery, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

What Sets Our Oil Apart: Premium HEATDOC™ Additive

Apgar doesn’t just sell plain, untreated heating oil—we want to go above and beyond, so we blend a premium additive with all our home heating oil deliveries. HEATDOC™ is a proprietary fuel conditioner that cares for your heating oil system by making sure your fuel doesn’t contribute to sediment buildup in your tank, pipes, filters, nozzle, and system. Order heating oil from Apgar today and take care of your heating system so it can take care of you!


Apgar Oil Truck