100% American Fuel

Apgar Oil Energy & HVAC is proud to supply our Automatic Delivery heating customers with AMERIgreen’s 100% American Fuel. Learn more with our 100% American Fuels FAQs.

Our nation’s energy policy still stands at a crossroad. On one side there still exists a unhealthy dependence on imported oil. On the other side an alternative exists, one where energy freedom wins the day. We choose the second path. We envision a world where all of our fuel is sourced from American soil, where future generations do not bend to the will of corrupt regimes.

Our country spent over $475 billion on imported oil last year. That’s American money and jobs leaving our country and going into the pockets of unstable nations. Even worse, we continue to send our loved ones to risk their lives in order to protect the oil supply.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is for every penny of our fuel dollars to benefit the American economy, American jobs and to increase our energy security, and energy independence by reducing oil imports. Purchases of AMERIgreen 100% American Fuel have displaced 63.5 million gallons of oil imports since 2010!*

Verification Process

This is done through an audit trail verification. Petroleum is a fungible product and nearly all petroleum is commingled in common pipelines and stored in common tanks. To manage the purchase of petroleum products, refined from North American crude oil, we employ a verification and audit process. This affirms that the consumer’s payment ultimately is made to a pipeline or marketer providing petroleum refined from North American crude oil, or a company refining North American crude oil.

For our people, our country and our energy independence, it’s simply the right thing to do.

Join the Energy Patriot movement!

An Energy Patriot is someone who is an ambassador of 100% American Fuel. An Energy Patriot is committed to taking steps for energy freedom and sustainability for today and future generations. Energy Patriot’s actions are patriotic, green and good for all people for today and tomorrow.

*Updated October 2016

Choosing 100% American Fuel Means:

  • Money spent on fuel stays in the U.S. and does not support hostile countries
  • Supporting and creating U.S. jobs keeping Americans working
  • A reliable source of clean, green domestic energy

You have a choice. Choose 100% American Fuel.

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