Wondering what wonderful equipment Apgar Oil Energy & HVAC can supply for your home or business? We have been committed to bringing Lehigh Valley, PA, the best quality heating oil, air conditioning, and air filtration systems available – all installed by highly trained and certified technicians.

EFM High Efficiency Boilers

EFM high efficiency boilers are Energy Star rated systems that produce low operating costs. Under EFM’s unique manufacturing system, each boiler is assembled by and experienced team of EFM craftsman at their factory in Schuylkill Haven, PA. Each EFM boiler undergoes two batteries of testing before it is put into service. The manufacturer warranty that comes with every EFM boiler is a reflection of the confidence that they have in their product.
Product Specifications
  • “Trombone” style copper hot water coil with rapid response feature
  • Exclusive Turbo-Ram turbulators designed for better heat transfer
  • Multi-pass design reduces operating expense
  • EFM designed ceraform combustion chamber for superb heat flow and low heat retention
  • ASME designed and certified pressure vessel
  • Extended coil flanges and connections to avoid hidden leaks
  • Easy to service
  • Firing rates from 0.50 to 1.35 gallons/hour (52,000 to 142,000 BTUH)

EFM High Efficiency Furnaces 

An EFM furnace is designed to minimize your energy costs while delivering dependable comfort throughout your home. These heating systems are manufactured locally with multiple efficiency options that are all Energy Star rated. If you are thinking about replacing your existing central heating system or installing a completely new system, count on EFM to deliver.
Product Specifications
  • Residential Furnaces from 60,000 to 140,000 BTUH
  • Efficiencies up to 86% 
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Available with the ECM variable speed motor 
  • Extended Front Vestibule 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fitch Fuel Catalyst 

  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Reduce Emissions & Soot
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Improve Overall Performance
  • Provide a Cleaner Burn
How Does It Work

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a patented alloy that creates a molecular change in hydrocarbon fuels such as fuel oil and diesel. This molecular transformation is similar to the refining process. The refinery uses heat and pressure to refine fuel, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst reformulates fuel at the time of use.


First, the improved combustion resulting from the catalyst increases the heat output per gallon burned. This enables adjustments to the heating system that will reduce the amount of fuel necessary to produce the same BTU heat.

Second, the improved combustion also means cleaner burning of the fuel. The heating system will stay cleaner for a longer time. This means the heating system will maintain a higher degree of operating efficiency over a longer time period and require less maintenance.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is installed in the fuel delivery line. It is a maintenance-free device. Fitch produces a more efficient combustion process resulting in visible brightness in flame and reduction in soot buildup.


Installation of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst must be performed by a qualified technician. The special instruments and equipment used by the technician are required to ensure the proper installation and operation of the unit. The technician will assure that the proper settings have been selected for the burner and that inlet air, stack temperatures, and soot levels are measured and adjusted correctly.

Cost & Payback

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is available for all commercial and residential oil burners. This system is guaranteed for 10 years. Savings will depend on the size and maintenance condition of the oil burner, the heating requirements of the building and, of course, weather conditions. The percent of actual savings may vary, but payback is typically within the first year of installation.

Bryant Heat Pump Model 215B

Granby Oil Tanks 

The safest, most reliable tank you can buy. A logical and responsible choice.

  • 100% SAFE. ECOGARD double bottom system with leak detection system.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. Responds to environmental concerns and requirements. 
  • GUARANTEED DURABILITY. Polyurethane coating for external protection on PROTEC20.
  • WARRANTIES. Up to a 25-year warranty. Granby Industries holds 2 million$ in liability insurance coverage.*
  • PEACE OF MIND. With 50+ years of experience, Granby Industries is known for its quality and proven track record in innovation and design.

Roth Double Wall Storage Tanks 

Roth's state-of-the-art double-wall tanks are the best you can find. 
  • More for the environment
  • More for your safety
  • More quality
  • More than 4 million installed

EFM VT Series 2000

Quality constructed for long life and with an efficiency rating of 85%. The EFM VT Series is a durable, fuel-efficient steel boiler designed for trouble-free installation and minimal servicing. It is an outstanding choice for homeowners. A proven product and backed by EFM 20-year warranty. It maintains plenty of hot water to meet your needs with a 5 GPM tankless coil. In an era when more and more home heating units and their components are made in foreign manufacturers, EFM VT Series boilers are still made with American quality and pride. Just as EFM products have been for over 85 years.
  • Trombone-style copper hot water coil
  • Extra-large passages with baffles for excellent heat transfer
  • Compact design
  • EFM-designed ceraform combustion chamber for superb heat flow and low heat retention
  • ASME designed and certified pressure vessel
  • Extended coil flanges and connections avoid hidden leaks
  • Firing rates from 1.00 to 2.00 gallons/hour (140,000 to 280,000 BTUH)

Bryant Air Conditioning Model 116B

Fujitsu Mini Splits 

Stylish, slim and elegant, these popular Fujitsu wall mounted units are designed for single rooms. Indoor units have a clean, aesthetic design and are small but mighty, and shorter in length than competing units, helping them blend into any room. These units offer up to a 26-SEER rating and now feature Inverter technology, environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, both heating and cooling, quiet mode, and easy maintenance.

  • Whole Home Comfort
  • A Year Round Solution
  • Personalized Constant Comfort
  • Energy Efficiency Means Low Utility Bills
  • One Line Fits All
  • Quiet, Peaceful Environment
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