The TankSure® Program

Apgar Oil Energy & HVAC offers Lehigh Valley, PA, and its surrounding areas with quality heating oil, oil tank replacement, and the TankSure Program.

What is TankSure?

TankSure is the standard for measuring the safety and integrity of aboveground oil tanks. We use EPA-approved technology to measure your oil tank’s thickness, in order to evaluate whether or not corrosion has compromised your tank.

Benefits of the Program
  • Save Money – If your tank qualifies, benefit from a $1,000 future tank replacement credit.
  • Protect the Environment – By ensuring the thickness of your tank is at a safe level, you reduce the risk of tank failure, thereby protecting the environment from potential dangerous oil spills.
  • Protect Your Home – When you test your tank, you’re reducing the risk of your oil tank failing and damaging your home. This can involve costly remediation expenses and cleanup costs.
  • Increased Home Value – Thinking about selling your home? A TankSure inspection can help validate the condition of your oil tank.

Contact Apgar Oil Energy & HVAC today to enroll in this valuable, protective program.

The TankSure Program in Allentown, PA | Apgar Oil Energy & HVAC