Why Oil Heat?

Apgar Oil Energy & HVAC is located in the renascence city of Allentown, PA, and has been proudly serving the greater Lehigh Valley community since 1947. For 69 years, we have been answering tough questions in a complex and diverse energy market.

Rest assure that we have the experience and education to help you answer all of your heating and cooling questions or concerns. Additionally we are here to direct you to what options are available when selecting a heating oil price protection program that best fits your budget.

We would also like to take a moment to explain why we love home heating oil as much as we do, compared to the other options available to heat your home. Our narrative has always been that oil heat is “the intelligent choice.”


Heating oil prices are DOWN! With more domestically produced oil and excess from abroad, heating oil is the lowest it’s been in years. Not only do advances in technology reduce the amount of fuel you need (you can save upwards of a full tank of heating oil every year with a new system), but heating oil is more cost-effective than propane and electric options!


Heating oil is a non-explosive, non-toxic, and safe fuel for your family. There are no toxic gas leaks to worry about and, if there were to be a spill, there are no chemicals that would harm you or your family. Heating oil is so safe that the oil storage tanks are approved to be installed both underground and aboveground, inside your home or outside.

Energy Efficient

Technology has come a long way for furnaces and boilers, and with more and more efficient makes and models of heating systems, you can reach efficiencies upward of 95%. This converts to cash – saving you between 20-40% on fuel and energy costs every year. That’s nearly an entire tank of oil saved annually.


Professionals everywhere are considering heating oil more and more in an ever more environmentally conscious society. In the last four decades, there has been a 33% decrease in greenhouse gasses from the burning of fossil fuel. There are also heating oil alternatives, such as Bioheat, that supplement heating oil and still run on the same oil-fired equipment that you have in your home. In fact, Bioheat is becoming more and more popular and is even being mixed into a lot of standard heating oil as part of legal code in many states to aid in the reduction of greenhouse gasses.

If you would like to discuss more concerning the benefits of heating oil with a professional, please contact us and we would be happy to go into more detail about this amazing and useful fuel.