5 Reasons Why You Need a Programmable Thermostat For Your Home

With the recent weather patterns we’ve been experiencing, it seems like the mornings and evenings are frigid yet during the day it’s too warm for your heat to be on!  This is where having a programmable thermostat comes in handy.  It offers multiple benefits to homeowners such as saving money, less time adjusting temperatures constantly and a more energy efficient home.  Here are the five benefits of installing a programmable thermostat in your home.

  1. A consistent temperature: instead of cranking your AC up during the heat wave in the day time and then turning up the heat at night, a programmable thermostat keeps levels at a constant temperature according to the weather and can also be programmed to lower during the day a few degrees and increase a few degrees at night.programmable thermostat
  2. Save money: the cost savings on installing a programmable thermostat are large.  You can set a schedule for your heating or air conditioning to turn off while you are away or have it on a timer to lower during the night which leads to saving money on providing energy to the whole house when it’s not in use.  People save as much as $180 a year with programmable thermostats!
  3. Control the temperature remotely: if you have a wifi thermostat or smart model you can change the temperature of your home wherever you have internet access.  This can be of great use if you are staying somewhere longer than expected or need to change the temperature while at work.
  4. HVAC alerts: some models have alerts built in to them that will tell you when it’s time to check the air filter to ensure the system is running efficiently.  Some can even tell you when you need to service or check your system.
  5. Customize zones: If you have multiple climate zones within your home, a programmable thermostat can really help increase the energy efficiency of your home.  Not only can this help save money but you can also feel comfortable in every part of your home.