How many gallons of oil will you use this year?

Winter is on its way in a few weeks and as the weather gets chillier each morning and night, it’s time to think how much oil your home will need to brave the cold months ahead.  Here at Apgar, we offer an alternative when it comes to heating your home.  Heating oil is cost effective, energy efficient, safe for household use and environmentally friendly.

Heating oil systems have a longer life of 30 or more years compared to the average life expectancy of a natural gas furnace of 11-14 years.  Some other benefits are that heating oil burns the hottest and can heat your home the fastest while remaining one of the cleanest heating options out there.

We deliver heating oil to your home with a traditional automatic delivery or will-call.  Our traditional automatic delivery is a free service that tracks and estimates the amount of fuel you will be using in relation to weather, household size and how much heat you normally consume.  If you choose the will-call option, you as the homeowner monitored your fuel levels and when you feel you need oil, give us a call and we will deliver.

But how do you determine how much oil you will use this year? There are a few simple steps to getting an estimate of how much you will be consuming this winter.

  • Understand the upcoming weather 
    • What are some of the predictions for winter this year in Pennsylvania? Also take into consideration what area of Pennsylvania you live in.  According to the farmer’s
      almanac, it sounds like we will be in for an above average snowfall this winter.  You can even see now in November the temperatures are dropping significantly at night which means more consumption of oil.
  • Gather some of your heating oil bills from previous winters By checking the quantities of oil used from past winters, you can determine around how much you will be spending this year. If last winter wasn’t as cold, estimate a little more usage for this year.  You can also add together 12 months’ worth of usage and then divide by 12 to calculate your average heating cost per month
  • The average oil burning furnace uses between 0.8 to 1.7 gallons
    •  This website is your handy tool for calculating how much oil you will burn this winter. There are step-by-step guidelines such as observing oil burner operation and getting information from the manufacturer’s data plate.


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