It’s Not Too Late

It’s not too late to take advantage of some important opportunities for a no worries winter for your family by signing up for:

  • Budget Program – No more large, unpredictable oil bills in two or three months. Now, spread your payments out evenly throughout the year for a No-More-Worries heating oil season. And customers on this program get free automatic delivery.
  • Service Plans – Our plans provide emergency service, an annual tune-up, and peace of mind year round that your equipment is protected should unexpected issues arise.
  • Annual Tune-up – During a tune-up our certified technicians will inspect your equipment to prevent costly breakdowns, ensure your system runs more efficiently and lasts longer, thoroughly clean and brush your system to remove particles and dust from inside your vents and house, and help improve efficiencies so you experience up to 10% in energy costs each year!
  • Upgrading to a High Efficiency Boiler or Furnace – This alone can save you upwards of 40% of fuel consumption. In addition, oil heat has increased in efficiency with technological advancements in the oil heat equipment. For example: 2 stage furnaces, combined condensing boilers, hot water heaters, outdoor comfort systems, oil-fired heat pumps & advanced microprocessor-based controls. AND using bioheating fuel further reduces greenhouse gas emissions – blended with Ultra Low Sulfur heating oil it is cleaner than natural gas!
  • Fitch Fuel Catalyst – Installed in the fuel delivery line, this patented alloy creates a molecular change similar to the refining process, reformulating fuel at the time of use.
    • The same heat for less! Less fuel is used due to better, more complete combustion, creating a hotter, cleaner flame pattern and more BTUs/gallon
    • Payback in 1 to 3 years and a 10 year warranty
    • The catalyst can “rejuvenate” oil for entire life cycle of your heating system, up to 30 years or more!
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat – Adjust to your comfort level, make your life easier and energy-efficient by installing a new programmable thermostat that will help you save money while you are aware from home or even sleeping!


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