How efficient systems cut fuel bills for this winter


Efficient Systems Cut Fuel Bills

  • The average life-cycle of an oil-fired boiler is 33 years, a warm-air furnace is 18-25 years
  • If your boiler or warm air furnace is older than 1984 consider upgrading
  • If your boiler or furnace runs at 75% or lower efficiency it is time to replace now!
  • Some systems still in use are only about 65% efficient
  • New equipment is 83%, up to 87.5% efficient
  • Super efficient systems are 90%, up to 95% efficient


Efficient systems get more value for every dollar,  and benefit the environment by using less!


By installing a new energy-efficient system you could save as much as $400 or more off your annual fuel bill. If your system is 20+ years old, it’s time to consider an equipment upgrade.

How much can you save?