FAQs About Heating Oil Delivery

Have questions about how and when to get your heating oil delivered? Let us help by answering some frequently asked questions about heating oil delivery.


Q: What’s the easiest way to get a delivery?
A: The easiest way to get heating oil is through automatic delivery. Heating oil companies normally count “degree-days” to keep track of how cold the weather has been and calculates an individual burn rate for each customer. This lets the company know just when a customer will need a delivery, long before most people would know it themselves.

Q: How do I order heating oil for my home?
A: You can order a specific quantity of fuel oil, such as 150 gallons; you can have your tank filled; or you may want to just budget a certain amount of money. In general, the more gallons of oil you purchase at one time, the lower the price per gallon is.

Q: How can I find out how many gallons my tank holds?
A: The easiest way is to have the tank filled from empty; however, if that isn’t possible, there are a few ways to estimate. First, if your tank is above ground, and measure 44” high by 60” wide by 27” deep, it holds 275 gallons. Most in-ground tanks are standard in size; those sizes are: 288, 340, 420, 518, 550, 555, and 675. On your next oil delivery, ask for your tank to be measured before and after adding oil. By measuring the change in oil level, the driver can then more accurately estimate your tank size.

Q: Is there a best time of year to purchase heating oil?
A: It is best to fill your tank before the heating season begins. Keeping your tank full or at least mostly full in the summer will help prevent water build up in your tank due to condensation.

Q: Do I need to be home when my delivery is made?
A: Not usually, as long as the driver has ready access to the fill of your fuel tank.