Bioheat Case Study

agpar-bioheat-filtersApgar Oil transitioned from using 100% #2 Heating oil for their customers to a 2% Biofuel blend (B2) with their #2 Heating oil. At the end of one year using B2 their customers experienced great results. What a difference a year can make!

The filter on the left was removed from a system running on 100% petroleum oil for an entire year. The filter on the right was removed from a system running B2 Bioheat – that’s just 2% Biofuel and petroleum blend – for one year. Stunning visual proof of the clean burning properties of biofuel blends and benefits.

“If every household using heating oil switched to at least a 5% BioDiesel (B5) blend of BioHeat®, it would conserve over 400 million gallons per year of regular heating oil.”
– Former U.S. EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson