Fuel Price & Supply Update

If you’re like most Americans, you’re currently feeling the pressure of rising energy prices. We hear you, and we understand—we wish prices were lower too. Please keep in mind that energy costs are at historic levels due to geopolitical events around the world, primarily the war in Ukraine.

You’ve trusted oil heat to keep you and your family comfortable for years because you know it is a safe, clean, consistent, and reliable source of heat. Apgar Oil & Energy’s commitment is to the next generation: Bioheat® fuel is a renewable, domestically produced, cleaner-burning heating oil, improving heating system efficiency and reducing our dependency on foreign oil. Your energy investment in Bioheat® fuel provides a cleaner, greener, renewable future for your family and generations to come.

Our energy team is prepared to make you as comfortable as possible, so if you need assistance, reach out to us for support.