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You Can't Beat Oil Heat!

Has your electric heat left you in the cold this winter? If you’re not satisfied with the comfort your electric heat gives you, consider a change.

Oil Heat, The Intelligent Choice

Easy conversion, more comfortable, and cost savings! Make the move up to oil heat! When you have all the facts you can make “The Intelligent Choice.” Apgar Oil Co. has financing available. To learn more about our Energy Loan financing, click here.

Know The Facts About Oil Heat

  • Oil Heat Keeps You Warmer: An oil furnace or boiler can provide improved comfort with air from the register that is up to 30 F / 17 C warmer than electric heat.
  • Oil Costs Less: Fuel oil will heat your home for two to five times less money than electricity. The equipment payback is surprisingly fast.
  • Air Conditioning Is Possible: If you’re replacing an electric heat pump with oil heat, you can keep your efficient Air Conditioning unit.
  • Oil Gives You more Hot Water: Tests prove that fuel oil typically heats household water twice as fast as electricity. Usually at about half the cost.
  • Oil Heat Is Environmentally Friendly: In emission tests on heating equipment, oil produced low levels of particulates comparable to other modern equipment.

Oil Heat Economics

  • Electric Heat to Oil can reduce existing “Energy Costs” by 50% or more a year with paybacks of less than 5 years are common.
  • Electric Water Heaters are extremely inefficient – about 29%.
  • Cost savings for converting an electric water heater to an “Oil Fired” water heater ranges from $101.00 to $467.00 or more a year.
  • Oil heat is environmentally friendly. Fuel burning (non-nuclear) power plants for electric resistance heat generation contributes most heavily to the green house effect.
  • Environmental Cost To Generate Power:
    • Electric Resistance Heat – $17.20 / Million BTU
    • Oil Heating – $2.07 / Million BTU

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