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Budget Plan

Introducing Apgar Oil’s “No More Worries” Budget Plan! It’s a great way for you to get more control over your budget ... and say goodbye to unexpected high energy bills!

“No More Worries” Budget Plan

Our “No More Worries” Budget Plan takes your yearly fuel costs and divides them into 12 equal monthly payments, from August through May. So, no matter what Mother Nature, Father Time or Baby New Year may send our way ␣ and no matter what happens to energy prices ␣ you’ll have the peace of mind and convenience that comes from knowing exactly what your fuel budget is each month. Without a budget plan, your payments can bunch up when it’s least convenient, such as holiday time.

How does the “No More Worries” Budget Plan work?

We examine your past usage to forecast this coming heating season’s fuel costs. Then, we simply divide that amount by 12. In June, we’ll send you a statement billing you for the remaining balance due ... or, on the other hand, if we’ve overestimated your payments, we will credit your account for the following year. (We always monitor your account, and should your consumption change throughout the year we will notify you of a price adjustment.) All we ask is that you remain an automatic delivery customer while on the “No More Worries” Budget Plan.

When you enroll in our “No More Worries” Budget Plan you will also receive a 5 cent per gallon discount at the end of the budget season on all gallons used (as long as you’ve made all your payments in a timely fashion). What’s more, we provide you with a Budget Book for easy check payments, or save postage by signing up for recurring budget payments with your credit card on the enclosed form.

But there’s more good news! When you enroll in our “No More Worries” Budget Plan you qualify to purchase our money␣saving service plan, featuring an annual tune␣up plus parts and labor coverage for one year.

So, don’t worry ... be happy! Get control of next winter’s energy budget now. It’s easy and smart and another great “value␣added” program from the full service home heating professionals at Apgar Oil.

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